Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

-> To provide a safe and comfortable environment and services where young people can reflect on their experiences and stabilise on their behaviour.

-> To empower children and young people to develop physically, psychologically, intellectually and socially.

-> Regain control and find coping mechanisms with a view to moving safely into independent living and their return to their own home where appropriate.

Our objectives

  • To provide a home that young people are proud of and feel able to invite their friends and family.
  • To create a stable environment where young people are nurtured and cared for by committed trained staff where our expectations and boundaries are clear.
  • Where appropriate and indicated in the care placement plans, to source support and counseling from external therapists to enhance their resilience and prepare them for independence.
  • Equip and empower the Young people to make the most of their potential and to assist them to integrate back into their local communities equipped for future success.
  • We will promote the independence of Young people and encourage them to take responsibility for their own care and development as well as any other day to day decisions.
  • Everyone involved with TS Healthcare is committed to helping all young people that we work with address and reduce the emotional, behavioral and social difficulties they are dealing with to enable them to live and achieve their maximum potential as an adult in the community.
  • We will provide the maximum opportunity for each young person to mature as an individual, to develop their personal identity and accept responsibility for their own actions.

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